by Muscle

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Recorded at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences by:
Scott Murray
Bradley Millis


released November 28, 2012

Kate Feldmann, guitar and vox
Abby Black, drums and guitar
Kristín Hrönn Jónsdóttir, bass



all rights reserved


Muscle Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Most Compatible Sign
Why can't boys treat me right?
Shut up, they treat you fine.
I knew better- I knew his sign and I knew he didn't care about mine.

Think about it now: whatever he did.
Do whatever you gotta do to get over it.
Think about it now.
Just get it over with.
Do whatever you gotta do to get over it.

With a leash you can go outside.
You've been teased for so long, a leash is fine.
You can still go anywhere you like.
It's probably safer if you stayed inside.

I'm holding out for a guy.
He comes in the summer time.
He has got the most compatible sign and he sounds like just my type.

At last, I can take you home.
It's been so long since you've seen a show.
Look at me now, I'm everything you've never known-
I'm the most compatible signed kinda girl!
Track Name: This One I Know
Sun is shining and skies are blue, I got money and rock and roll is all I do.
And you- so far away. It's not fair I've still got to see you every day.

This one I know- I'll make a home, but with you I'm alone.
You'll die and I won't be that old.

Mom will wear her longest arms and sissy will say we've got it wrong.
My daddy, he's the sweetest, you can handle all his charm.